Welcome to the Glen Innes School!

Our small family orientated school has an average role of about 210 students from varying nationalities, taught by a stable long term staff balanced with experience and youth.

Situated in Glen Innes, a diverse East Auckland suburb, we strive to produce students who will not only be able to hold their own as they move through the educational system - but to excell.   To achieve this we have introduced an online learning programme for the upper primary classes as well as introducing netbook classes as part of the Manaiakalani initiative  in the Tamaki area. Our role is to prepare students for the next phase of their schooling to ensure that they will be successful at the next transition point.
Each term, the teachers put lots of thought into the integrated units which are taught through an inquiry process called ZIP to ensure that as the students learn, they are challenged to question and at the same time be excited by new knowledge.  There is a strong emphasis on the basics of numeracy and literacy to ensure all students have the tools to tackle the curriculum.  Our 2014 ERO report can be viewed here.

Recently we have benefitted from the support of our trained team of volunteers who come in daily and work alongside staff to accellerate achievement for students specifically in reading.

You are invited not only to view our website but to visit our school and experience for yourself why this little school is so loved by all who come through the doors.


Jonathan Hendricks