Glen Innes School Enrolment Scheme 2022

Glen Innes School

New Enrolment Scheme

Overview – what is happening?

The Ministry of Education is developing an enrolment scheme for Glen Innes School, which will be in effect for the beginning of term 1 in 2022.  Having an enrolment scheme in place will ensure the Board of Trustees has a fair and transparent mechanism to manage the roll as it grows. Children that live within this area will have entitlement to enrol at Glen Innes School.   The home zone area is shown on the map on the next page and includes:

Starting at the intersection of Line Road and West Tamaki Road, travel west along West Tamaki Road (odd addresses only included) until turning southwest at St Heliers Bay Road (excluded) and the south along St Johns Road (excluded). Turn southeast at Felton Matthew Avenue (excluded) and then east at Merton Road (86 included), and then continue east along Pt England Road (44 and below even included). Turn north and travel along Dalton Street (even addresses included) and then continue north across Maybury Reserve (including up to 41 Maybury Street) until Taniwha Street. Travel east along Taniwha Street (including 140 and above, also including Rowena Crescent and attached streets) and then north along Farringdon Street (including 26 and below even addresses, all odd addresses) until Line Road. Turn north at Line Road (even addresses 1-18 excluded) and continue back to the origin.


What does this mean for my family?

If you live in enrolment scheme home area for Glen Innes School you will be entitled to enrol your child at the school.  This entitlement applies to new students starting school, as well as any primary school aged children currently attending another school in the area. 

Families who live outside the enrolment scheme home zone of Glen Innes School do not have entitlement to enrol and could only attend if the Board of Trustees planned to enrol any out of zone students.  The enrolment scheme will establish the process for this, and places will only be available if the Board of Trustees considers it has the capacity to allow for this.  Further information about whether any out of zone places will be made available will be made later in 2021.


Consultation process and timeline

The Ministry of Education is currently undertaking consultation about the proposed changes and new enrolment schemes.  You can have your say by:

·       Completing the survey at

·       Emailing if you have further questions or comments

The Ministry will consider all feedback and liaise with the Board before making a final decision. The new schemes and changes will come into effect for the beginning of 2022.


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